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Selling Short Sales in Miami Beach, Fl.

Best Beach Short Sale will help you sell short sales in Miami Beach.

Please search our database or contact one of our agent to find short sales in Miami Beach Fl.

We also have short sales listings in Miami and South Miami. We can help you with short sales approvals, buying and selling short sales inMiami Beach.

Please refer to our pages regarding short sales: We have documentation on short sales, what is a short sale, how does a short sale work, how to buy a short sale, how to sell short sale.

We have the highest rate of short sales approvals in Miami Beach, Fl. We facilitate your experience to buy or sell your short sales in Miami Beach, Fl.


Brokers / Realtors

Are you looking to increase your pipeline of business? By partnering with Best Beach Title – Short Sale Services you can expand the scope of your services without becoming distracted from your core competency of selling properties.

While a real estate short sale is a complex and time-consuming process that can drain a realtor’s resources, by working with Best Beach Title – Short Sale Services you can leverage our relationships with lenders and our expertise in driving and managing the short-sale process so that you can focus on what you do best: selling real estate. We are a national leader in short sale processing and realtors that work with us are able to increase their volume of property listings and enhance their earning potential.

Due to our very high success rate, Best Beach Title – Short Sale Services is the proven leader for brokers and agents.


  • Our services are FREE to homeowners
  • Sophisticated financial knowledge
  • Understand the lender’s language
  • Reliable
  • Accurate paperwork
  • Experience
  • Strong supportive administration
  • Capability to handle high volume
  • High success rate
  • Strong relationships with lenders
  • Avoid the time and frustration of tough negotiations with lenders

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  • Boost your volume and close more deals
  • Avoid the time and frustration of tough negotiations with lenders
  • Help homeowners avoid foreclosure
  • Get the right results for you and your clients
  • Increase your bottom line